“When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.” -The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Have you ever found yourself wishing for something more? Have you felt discouraged with the course of your life and feel at the crossroads wondering if not now…when? When will I be happy? When will I be successful? When will I achieve my heart’s desire? 

I’ve felt all of those things. You see… I once had a fairy tale life, then one day I experienced the worst that could happen. My son woke up with a fever and was dead the next morning of bacterial meningitis. It was unimaginable heartache and I thought I could never survive or be happy again. But I was wrong.

Maybe you’ve lost someone who was the center of your world. Maybe your heart broke when your marriage failed. Maybe your finances collapsed. Maybe you’ve just never felt fulfilled or worthy.  

I was there too, and I hated when people would tell me, “you just need to pick yourself up and be strong,” or “time heals all wounds.” Neither of those assumptions really work for those who are hurting or grieving because those are  intellectual beliefs for “fixing” a broken heart.  In order to heal it takes specific actions to correct old beliefs and break through the uncertainty to begin the second act of your life. 

When you think all is impossible, that’s when you’re on the brink of igniting change. You’re not broken or trapped. You’re about to discover the missing link.  What does that look like? It means activating resilience and surging forward to a life greater than you can ever imagine right now. 

No matter what your past has been, you have a choice. You can stay stuck in a fog of despair, wishing things could be different, or you can take simple steps to heal, leverage your talents, and change the course of your life…your fairytale.

I love guiding people just like you because I know it works. Think about this, what is it costing you by not taking the first step? Schedule a free, no obligation 30 minute discovery session with me now to get started. 

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Angelic lights at Neiman Marcus in San Franscisco

I see it now… I’ve entered the legacy years. I’ve reached the time when it’s truly now or never. It’s a time to recount my story and discern what it’s all about. Mine is a story of romance and heartbreak. It’s a story of deep loss, and unimaginable tragedy. And yet, it’s a story of victory and triumph.

It’s a very full life. And it’s all mine.

While navigating my very full life, I learned something quite remarkable. When you embody your life as a fully charted course, designed to challenge, awaken, and inspire, you can discover the meaning of your life and the legacy you have imprinted on this planet.

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Do you remember the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed? It is a classic Christmas made in 1946 and considered one of the most beloved films in American cinema.

Jimmy Stewart plays the character of George Bailey, a man who had given up on his dreams in order to help others. During the Christmas holidays, tragedy struck his banking business and funds were accidentally misplaced. This was a bank with a heart and loaned money to help people of Bedford Falls pay for college, start businesses, and float those who were down and out. The loss of funds would shut the bank down and deeply affect the future of the town. George was at risk of losing everything for the town and his family. [read full article]



Five 30-minute solutions for your game of life

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I’m so glad I’m the age I am because I have the gift of hindsight. Hindsight is where wisdom is borne. I’ve lived through every circumstance I never thought I could, and yet here I stand, ready for the second act of my life. Here’s a list of things I thought I couldn’t do: Survive unimaginable […]

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Life Lesson in Discovering the Beauty of Imperfection

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I once had a fairy tale life…I remember quite clearly, feeling like a princess as I walked hand in hand with my husband, down the Red Carpet at the Prime time Emmy Awards. My husband, a producer and writer, was nominated for a show called Beauty and the Beast on CBS. It was a modern […]

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6 Steps to Creating Happily Ever After

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Make it happen

Haven’t you always wanted to be the star of your own life…the leading lady, front and center, top of the marquis? As a little girl I used to dream of being on stage, but not as a stagehand or an extra, I was the star in my dreams. Weren’t you? Somewhere along the way, our […]

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Stepping Stones: Creative Activities To Heal Chaos

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Funny thing about tragedy, it often makes the creative mind wake up. Suddenly your thoughts are not the same as they were yesterday. Your brain comes alive with activity. It recalls memories, heightens imagination, and in a flash you view life through different eyes. Your life is in chaos and your mind cries out to […]

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10 Traits of Resilient People, Revealed

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Someone once told me I was the Queen of Resilience. I wear that crown proudly, because it represents all that I am, all that I’ve experienced, and the potential that I see for my future. My story is one of incredible love, and devastating heartbreak. It’s a story of deep loss, and unimaginable tragedy. And […]

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How to Find Happiness after Recovering from a Loss

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My Words

There’s not a person on this earth who’s immune to change, transition, or suffering. Every single one of us have times in our lives when suddenly we are in the throes of chaos, or loss, or change of heart… and it turns our world upside down. I know, because suddenly, without warning, my life changed. […]

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