Every Woman Has a Story…. And every story has a purpose in creating the life of your dreams. You’ll only have to think for a moment why you landed on this page.

You came here with a Backstory… a set of events that shaped who you are. Now what? Time to get inspired for the next act of your life! First, I’d like to share “A Woman’s Manifesto” with you to help you get started. It’s FREE, all you have to do is enter your first name and email in the sidebar on the right. You’ll immediately get confirmation to download your copy!

So…What’s your story? Maybe you’re struggling with a life you didn’t expect. Maybe you’ve experienced the loss of someone you loved, or your marriage failed, or your finances collapsed… or perhaps you’ve had a nagging feeling that there’s got to be something more, but you just can’t figure out what you really want out of the next chapter of your life.  

If that’s you, it probably feels like chaos right now, but that means something you might not have considered…. You’re on the brink of transition… yes, you are. It’s time to free yourself from the past wounds and beliefs that are holding you back.

Now is the perfect time to claim your worth and begin receiving your heart’s desires. The truth is, you really do know what you want. You just can’t express it or visualize it yet.  You just keep waiting for it to well up inside, but you’re here, now, and you’re just about to step into your power and create the life of your dreams. How do I know? Because…I’ve been there. I once thought I had a fairy tale life until […] [read full article]

“You will only have to think for a second to know exactly why you received this message today.”

As many of you know, for years, I worked with my late husband, a television screenwriter who wrote and produced popular television series like Beauty and the Beast for CBS, Sliders, the sci-fi thriller about people sliding between parallel universes, and Silk Stalkings, the slick detective show about crimes of passion.

We’d sit up late at night “building” new people from the figment of our imagination. Let’s pretend it’s a sci-fi mystery. We’d start with simple descriptions like this: she’s a young woman, in her early 20’s with bewitching hazel eyes and a mane of umber brown hair that was so thick, she couldn’t put a rubber band around it. She was agile from years of ballet but her parents insisted she take Karate, and learn to shoot a gun, too. Her parents were adamant that she learn skills to protect herself.

And then one day, her parents mysteriously disappeared. Her life and how she viewed it would never be the same. She always sensed her life with them was temporary. She was just 12 years old when she’d overheard them talking one night… something about a portal, an alternate universe… To this day, she wondered why they didn’t take her with them. No one would ever believe her. It was her secret and it affected every aspect of her life.

BackstoryEvery character in a script has a secret and a backstory. Do you see how these incidents shape the future story? It defines who she is and gives us the framework for what drives her, how she reacts, and the defining moments that lay the foundation for her character. It’s the platform for creating the arc of that character’s future life and how the story will end.

This is true in real life, as well. You see, it’s our backstory that “characterizes” us.

A few years ago, I wrote down a list of defining moments in my own life and realized it was as much about the sorrows as the joys. Even the most tragic times, like the loss of my son, brought an amazing expansion and awakening of my spirit.

I wondered what it would be like if others could define their lives through their story, whether they were writers or not.

Ask yourself:

  • What has happened in your life so far?
  • How did it affect you?
  • Do you have a secret and does it help you or hurt you?
  • What did you learn from it?
  • Who were the people that were part of your story?
  • What do you need to resolve to make peace with the things that hold you back?
  • How will you create your future story arc to find the happiness and success you’ve been searching for?

The stories I’ve heard from others have deeply affected me, and given me perspective on how resilient we actually are!

At this moment, I have a choice… and so do you. Do you want this next year to mirror the last, or would you like to pick up the magic wand and begin looking at every single day as an opportunity to create your life again and again. Every day is a decision. ​

Your past, and even today, is your back story; it’s the platform for your future. Don’t you want to make it great?

Now… to get back to what I said in the beginning… “You will only have to think for a second to know exactly why you received this message today.” Is there something special in your past that has made you who you are today? Think about it.

Transitioncover…And when you look back on today a year from now, you’ll realize just how iconic this moment was… it was the moment you transformed your life and it will never, ever be the same.

If you have 10 minutes today, I urge you to write down your back story. I believe so much in the value of doing these steps, a 5-page worksheet. It’s absolutely free! Here’s the special 5-page worksheet. You’ll discover the defining moments and the magical keys to define the life of your dreams.

I think you’ll be surprised by what you discover.



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