photoEvery Woman Has a Story…. And every story has a purpose in creating the life of your dreams. You’ll only have to think for a moment why you landed on this page.

You came here with a Backstory… a set of events that shaped who you are. Now what? I’m guessing you’re here because you have a deep desire to have the life you’ve always wanted and the freedom and flexibility that comes with it.  Maybe you’ve had a nagging feeling that there’s got to be something more, but you just can’t figure out  how to step into the next chapter of your life.  

If this is you, you’re on the brink of transition… yes, you are. 

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Now is the perfect time to claim your worth and begin receiving your heart’s desires. The truth is, you really do know what you want. You just can’t express it or fully visualize how to create it yet.  But, you’re here now, and you’re just about to step into your power and create the life of your dreams. How do I know? Because…I’ve been there. I once thought I had a fairy tale life until […] [read full article]

“Ask yourself…what is my heart’s desire and how can I use that to make a difference in the world?”

wedding dayThis last month was a huge milestone for me… it was one I’ve been a little afraid of since I gave birth to my first child. I’ve emerged from this chapter of my life and I’m beginning another. I didn’t emerge by circumstance or accident. I carefully designed it, even though I was afraid.

Most of us know what we’ve always dreamed of, but sometimes we’re afraid to admit it. That was my fear, for sure. But, as I vocalized my desires, my passion, and used my gifts and talents, I miraculously discovered a meaningful life that rose up from adversity.

Last month I walked my daughter down the aisle to a new life with a wonderful man. As I gave her hand in marriage, I realized this moment was as much for me as it was for her. You see, I‘ve always been her partner in life, and now she is on to the next chapter.

Julianne and KrisHere’s a link to the VIDEO of that beautiful walk down the aisle.

It brings me to my knees in gratitude knowing that as a mom I accomplished my goals, and this is the year that proved it. My daughter is now moving forward with the man she loves and in pursuit of her career in the fitness industry, a family, and beyond. [read full article]



And now, the next act truly begins…

by Sandy Emerging Woman

“The modern woman is a blur of activity. She is pressured to be all things to all people.”Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D. –author, Women Who Run With the Wolves Yes… that quote describes me… in fact it’s most women I know. We suffered a deep identity crisis that began decades ago when women went out into […]

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A Secret and the Back Story

by Sandy The Emerging Woman

“You will only have to think for a second to know exactly why you received this message today.” As many of you know, for years, I worked with my late husband, a television screenwriter who wrote and produced popular television series like Beauty and the Beast for CBS, Sliders, the sci-fi thriller about people sliding […]

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9 Story Points for Writing Your Script for a Life You Love

by Sandy Breakthrough to Happy

Writing Your Script for a Life You Love You never could have told me the day I married David Peckinpah, several decades ago, that I would not be married forever. I visualized my whole life, from that day forward, extending into a lifetime. On the night we first met, we walked along the beach in […]

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Transform Your Past…Make Room for your Dreams

by Sandy How to Survive the Loss of a Child

How do you know if you’re ready to take the lead in the story of your life? You might be struggling right now, having been thrown into a set of life circumstances you didn’t expect at all. My “unexpected” story began the day I was born. I popped out with red hair. Did you know […]

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The Emerging Woman…Becoming the Woman You Always Dreamed You Could Be

by Sandy Breakthrough to Happy

Bonus Content: I believe so much in the power of the Emerging Woman that I’ve created a special 6-page worksheet for you to download and get started. You can download and print it now or wait until the end of the blog.    I’m declaring 2015 as the year of the Emerging Woman. It excites […]

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7 Steps to Successful Goal Setting for The Emerging Woman™

by Sandy The Emerging Woman

I realized recently, the last several years of my life have been about discovery and emergence. The cocoon holding my existence began to break open in January of 2010 when I decided I never wanted to look at the year ahead, as mirroring the year I’d left behind. I began to look at life with […]

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How to Begin with the End in Mind

by Sandy Breakthrough to Happy

I’m so glad I’m the age I am because I have the gift of hindsight. Hindsight is where wisdom is borne. I’ve lived through every circumstance I never thought I could, and yet here I stand, ready for the second act of my life. Here’s a list of things I thought I couldn’t do: Survive unimaginable […]

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