Breakthrough to Happy™ is a system for reclaiming joy and developing a happy, successful life after experiencing losses and challenges.

Awhile ago, I posted this thought on Facebook:
I’ve come to recognize “Chaos” as the door to Transition. You can’t transition without chaos. I finally realized “resistance” was my biggest obstacle. Like all of us…I just had to work through it, pushing aside my fear.

I was instantly flooded with responses and private messages. Things like:

  • I’m in chaos now, and I don’t know what to do.
  • I just lost my husband, and I’m really struggling with grief.
  • I feel so consumed by how hard life is right now, I see no way out.
  • I’m going through a divorce and I’m terrified.
  • I want to quit my job, but I’m afraid of making that transition.
  • My chaos is loneliness and I wonder if I’ll ever find love.

I was astounded by how many people shared that they’re in the midst of their own “chaos storm,” feeling frustrated, hopeless, and alone. 
Are you in one of those times in life where you just don’t know what to do? Maybe you feel like you’re in turmoil with such things as financial upset, a breakup, health issues, a job loss, loss of a home, or even worse, the loss of someone you deeply loved.
I thought I had a fairy tale life, and then I experienced the worst that could happen. I lost a child… and from that point forward my castle walls fell to the ground.
I awakened with the realization that my life as I thought it would always be, had changed forever.
I had to re-invent myself. As the Baby Boomer generation, we were taught to get an education, have a plan, and set a goal for an abundant life.
It never prepared us for the unexpected like…the death of a child, the loss of a marriage, a spouse, a job, and for so many today, the loss of their “castle.. yes, being in the real estate business I have witnessed many, many people in these last several years, lose their home.

As modern women we are now learning that anything can happen. We are re-defining ourselves and we’re often forced by circumstance to tread boldly into the unknown.
I realized that everything I needed was right inside of me and that all was possible.  I created my own “toolbox to survive” and I want to share it with you.
Can you imagine…

  • Being on the brink of your own transition?
  • What it might be like to know that you actually have everything within you to resurrect yourself and have a life you love?
  • Being successful in a career you love?
  • Truly feeling happy and not being afraid it will be taken away?
  • Building a life of relevance… a life that matters.

My life has taught me that everything is perfect right now. If it seems imperfect it’s just the perfect order of how things have to happen. If you are in chaos, you are also on the brink of transition.
Can you imagine being on the brink of your own transition?
Can you imagine what it might be like to know that you actually have everything within you to resurrect yourself and have a life you love?
Can you imagine feeling joy and happiness for the first time in forever?
Maybe this is your perfect timing… visiting my website to inspire you and resurrect your happiness, your love, and your passion for living. Maybe it’s your perfect timing that you are willing to look at your options…and trust me, you have many! Maybe this is your time to buckle down and enjoy the work you are about to do that will change your life.
It changed mine…and I’m so grateful.

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