Think about this…If you could change your past, who would you be? 

Can you imagine being so powerful that you actually could change your past?  Well…we can’t change what happened, but we can change the affect it has had on us. Often, we get stuck in areas of our lives where we feel depressed or hopeless because we’ve made bad choices or things have happened that took our” happy” away. We may be a prisoner of un-resolved grief from loss, heartache, financial upset, or an empty nest.  I’ve been there, at the bottom, struggling to reclaim my life.  

You see…  I once had a fairy tale life, and then one day…it wasn’t. I lost my son to a sudden illness. It was the beginning of a roller coaster. My marriage suffered, my finances collapsed and so did my lifestyle. At the age of 50 I had to figure out a way to support my 3 living children and reclaim a quality of life that I could be proud of. And I did.

Guess what? When you think all is impossible, that’s when you’re on the brink of change. You’re not broken or trapped…you’re exactly where you should be to begin choosing the next direction for your life. It’s like getting a life makeover. We’ll focus on uncovering and activating your greatness so you can be proud of who you are and the impact you’re making in the world. You’ll be the star of your life, and those who love you, will love you for it.

The technology we’re going to use, I used myself, and I’ve been able to share it with others, like you. It’s time for a spark to ignite the story of you

It’s your story… your fairy tale… and what we do with it can change your life. Join me and together we’ll start creating your new life of success, meaning and purpose.  Click HERE for more information and to get you started with a Free Discovery session on the phone with me.

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I once had a fairy tale life…I remember quite clearly, feeling like a princess as I walked hand in hand with my husband, down the Red Carpet at the Prime time Emmy Awards. My husband, a producer and writer, was nominated for a show called Beauty and the Beast on CBS.

It was a modern day fairytale set against the backdrop of New York City. Catherine, played by Linda Hamilton, worked as a high powered attorney for a prominent law firm. One night, she’s brutally attacked in Central Park and left to die. She’s rescued in the arms of Vincent, a hideous beast, who has the face and hands of a lion. He takes her below the city streets where there’s a utopian community of social outcasts in the labyrinth of tunnels underneath the city.

In the days that follow, Vincent cares for Catherine. He feeds her and reads Shakespeare as she lie in his bed, healing.

The remarkable part of the story is that the love affair begins while Catherine’s eyes are bandaged. When Catherine heals and sees Vincent’s face for the first time, she isn’t frightened at all. He was the gentle soul who lovingly cared for her. Unlike the traditional Beauty and the Beast story, this beast isn’t physically transformed by Catherine’s love. Instead, the inner beauty of this man dominates the physical and it’s Catherine who’s transformed by his love. [read full article]


6 Steps to Creating Happily Ever After

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Make it happen

Haven’t you always wanted to be the star of your own life…the leading lady, front and center, top of the marquis? As a little girl I used to dream of being on stage, but not as a stagehand or an extra, I was the star in my dreams. Weren’t you? Somewhere along the way, our […]

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Stepping Stones: Creative Activities To Heal Chaos

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Funny thing about tragedy, it often makes the creative mind wake up. Suddenly your thoughts are not the same as they were yesterday. Your brain comes alive with activity. It recalls memories, heightens imagination, and in a flash you view life through different eyes. Your life is in chaos and your mind cries out to […]

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10 Traits of Resilient People, Revealed

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Someone once told me I was the Queen of Resilience. I wear that crown proudly, because it represents all that I am, all that I’ve experienced, and the potential that I see for my future. My story is one of incredible love, and devastating heartbreak. It’s a story of deep loss, and unimaginable tragedy. And […]

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How to Find Happiness after Recovering from a Loss

by Sandy Breakthrough to Happy
My Words

There’s not a person on this earth who’s immune to change, transition, or suffering. Every single one of us have times in our lives when suddenly we are in the throes of chaos, or loss, or change of heart… and it turns our world upside down. I know, because suddenly, without warning, my life changed. […]

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Surviving the Loss of a Child, 1 Step at a Time

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 My beautiful boy, Garrett. He was at the top of his game when suddenly, on December 19th many years ago he died of bacterial meningitis.  On this day, I am grateful to my son for giving me the gift of insight and the gift of life.  My life.  In his loss, I learned how to […]

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The Pearly Gates…Learning How to Invite Miracles Into Your Life

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Learning How to Invite Miracles into Your Life I was raised in the Presbyterian Church, and yet I am not sure what I really believed about heaven. I never had to know. I know for sure, I believed if I was a good girl, nothing bad would ever happen. I was so very young when […]

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